How Does This Work?:

This is the website for a Hybrid Pedagogy "virtual unconference panel" focused on how we as educators navigate the digital divide as we move forward in a world rich with digital education. The panel has been designed around three principle questions (click on an image above for more information on a given question). Each question will be facilitated by one of the "unpresenters" throughout the day on Monday, May 27th. You are welcome to participate in any / all of the concurrent discussions.

While we considered a number of different technologies for hosting this panel (many of which we are sure will be brilliantly used by other "unconference panels"), we ultimately decided that our focus on questions of inclusiveness was best served by using technologies with low barriers to access (e.g., simple interface, low bandwidth). As such, we are going to be using principally synchronous/asynchronous discussion using twitter #hashtags for the majority of the panel. Each of the principle questions addressed in the panel will have its own tag. In addition, each page of this site has an embedded feed of its respective #hashtag, and this main page will be tracking all three feeds (#hpuc1, #hpuc2, #hpuc3) as well as the #digped feed.

Alongside the ongoing #hastag conversations, we will be hosting a synchronous conversation using a public Google+ Hangout On Air from 12:00pm - 12:45pm MST (Phoenix, AZ time). Both the #hashtag feeds and the Google+ Hangout will be archived (using Storify and YouTube), and posted to this site for future reference.

So that's it, that's the panel. To get started, click on one of the questions above, watch the brief intro video from the facilitator, and then start tweeting.

You can also click here for more a detailed abstract of the panel.